New Shoots Forager’s Feast!
We’re so excited to share the abundance of Spring with our community. Come bring a dish to share at the potluck that contains at least one ingredient that you grew or ethically foraged yourself. Not sure what that means? Our partners at Resurfacing History, an Indigenous knowledge-sharing project, will be talking about reciprocity with nature and ethical wildcrafting. We hope to see you on Thursday March 28th, 5-8pm at Slocan Community Hall!

This is just one of our many upcoming Spring events in the beautiful Renfrew Ravine of East Vancouver – follow us to keep in the loop!

#foragersfeast #resurfacinghistory #eastvancouver #ethicalforaging #ethicalwildcrafting #foraging #pnw #pnwspring #vancouverfoodie #plantnerd #traditionalfood #stillmoonarts @mountpleasantnh via Instagram


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