We have so many fun things happening in the next 2 months, as Spring is here and it’s prime time for planting! All events at the Alder unless noted otherwise. PM or email info@stillmoon.org for more info. Everyone welcome!

March 23 (Sat) – Planting native plants in Renfrew Ravine 11am-2pm, and installing the first human figure of Fruiting Bodies 11am-5pm in Renfrew Park.

March 28th (Thurs) – New Shoots Forager’s Feast, 5-8pm. Bring a dish to share that contains at least one ingredient that you grew or ethically foraged, and learn about reciprocity with nature from Resurfacing History.

March 30th (Sat) – Small fish and benthic invertebrate sampling in Still Creek, 10am-1pm.

April 4th (Thurs) – Free Fabric Swap! Come take what you need and we’ll donate the rest. 5:30-8:30pm.

April 6th (Sat) – Garden prep party for dye plants, west side of the Ravine at 24th and Renfrew. 10am-2pm.

April 13th (Sat) – Fruiting Bodies installation of the second figure in Renfrew Park, 10am-5pm.

April 20th (Sat) – Ravine Clean-up and planting party for the Colour Me Local dye garden, 10am-2pm at the top of 24th and Renfrew St.

April 25th (Thurs) – Mycelial Connections Celebration, including eco-art walk and mushroom soup at the Renfrew VPL 5:30-8pm.

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